What Happens When You Haven't Visited the Dentist in Years?

If you haven't been to the dentist in a while, it's likely that you have a significant amount of plaque on your teeth. This means that it may take a while for the dental hygienist to professionally clean each of your teeth. After the hygienist has thoroughly cleaned your teeth, your dentist will carefully inspect for cavities or signs of periodontal disease, as well as any signs of oral cancer. It's likely that you have one or two cavities that need attention, and if you're experiencing severe pain, you may need a root canal to treat an infection that has entered the underlying pulp.

Years without being able to go to the dentist can have an impact on your teeth, so it's important to get advice from your local general dentist in Willow Knolls, IL. Your dentist will ask you about your general health since your last visit, as well as any dental problems you have. Even if you've seen this dentist before, when it comes to their records, you're basically starting from scratch. It's also important to be aware that if you haven't been to the dentist for a long time, you may be at risk of developing oral cancer and not know it.

Knowing this beforehand helps the dentist and hygienists prepare for a visit that could take longer and involve more questions. The dentist's job is to provide professional oral care and advice so as not to judge or embarrass their patients. Regular visits to the dentist allow the dental professional to make an early diagnosis to detect and treat gingivitis at an early stage. If you're having a dental emergency or just decided to resume your oral care, here are some things to consider and what you can expect from your dentist after an extended absence: Your dentist will need up-to-date documents and a complete dental history since it may have been years since your last appointment.

The dental exam doesn't take long, but it will give your dentist a lot of information about the health of your mouth. Once your dentist has fully examined your teeth and gums, he or she will discuss the next steps with you.

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